Academic Support



Learning Support

We have a team of dedicated Learning Support Assistants(LSAs) who help students in their educational, emotional and social development either individually or in small groups. Our LSAs work under the direct supervision of class teachers to ensure that a student’s learning needs are met and that they are able to access the curriculum as fully as possible.

In Secondary Phase, students who require extra direction to achieve their potential are supported by both the professionalism of the teachers and LSAs. LSAs provide support in normal timetabled classes and students will work alongside peers wherever possible. However in rare cases, some students may be provided with one-to-one or group support with an LSA.

As a firm grasp of the English language is required to access our curriculum, most LSA support requests centre around language needs but support is given in any lesson where the teacher identifies a need for support. We have a team of dedicated LSAs who are able to provide support in language acquisition or direction in practical subjects such as Art and DT.

English as an Additional Language

As the vast majority of our students are EAL learners, all of our teachers are considered as EAL teachers as well as being qualified teachers in their specialist subjects.

In addition to this we also have fully qualified teachers of EAL who provide support for a selected number of students in English lessons both inside and outside of the classroom.

These teachers are also instrumental in keeping our subject teachers up to date with the latest developments in theory of teaching bilingual or multilingual students.

Special Education Needs

In Foundation and Primary, we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive school with a range of expertise in supporting a wide variety of needs.

We are committed to valuing all students equally and believing that all students are entitled to a relevant curriculum that is differentiated to meet their individual needs.

We aim to identify students experiencing difficulties as early as possible and ensure that appropriate educational provision is made for them. Children with SEND are included in all aspects of the school curriculum.

Excellerate Scheme

ANS provides world-class international education, paving ways to top universities globallly as well as most competitve colleges in Thailand such as Chulalongkorn and Mahidol Facalties of Medicine.

Our Excellerate Scheme offers extra tutoring for students in Year 5 to Year 13 who excel in specific subjects and will benefit from advanced level tutoring to prepare them for STEM competitions, Oxbridge and Ivy league universities.

Extra classes are provided to focused groups via online and on site modes. Tutoring sessions are provided by our team of qualified teachers and specialist tutors.


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