The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award at Amnuay Silpa - Cultivating the Leaders of Tomorrow

At Amnuay Silpa, Asia’s first Thinking School, we are dedicated to developing inquisitive, knowledgeable, and compassionate young leaders. Participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, students engage in a transformative experience that resonates with our school’s mission of holistic education and lifelong learning.

Award Framework and Our Mission:

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is segmented into four key areas, each aligning with our educational ethos:

  • Service: Students engage in meaningful community service, aligning their efforts with local charities that Amnuay Silpa supports. These partnerships provide students with the opportunity to effect real change and develop a deep sense of social responsibility, which is central to our school’s values.
  • Skills: By pursuing skills ranging from artistic endeavors to scientific research, students enhance their intellectual curiosity and acquire competencies that foster innovative thinking—cornerstones of the education at Amnuay Silpa.
  • Physical Recreation: This section of the Award encourages students to embrace physical health and perseverance, qualities that are vital to both personal growth and academic success. Our commitment to well-rounded development is reflected as students learn to balance their academic and physical pursuits.
  • Adventurous Journey: The spirit of adventure is deeply embedded in our curriculum. Through challenging expeditions, students learn to navigate diverse environments, work collaboratively, and apply their problem-solving skills in real-world contexts, preparing them for global citizenship.

Charity Partnerships and Volunteering: Amnuay Silpa’s strong ties with local and international charities open numerous avenues for our students to volunteer, providing them with the platform to apply their learning in real-world scenarios. These experiences not only help fulfill the service component of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award but also cultivate a lifelong commitment to community service.

The Impact on Our Students:

By participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Amnuay Silpa students develop resilience, adaptability, and leadership skills that are essential in today’s global society. The program’s robust framework, combined with our school’s mission, ensures that our students are not just well-prepared for academic pursuits but are also empathetic and engaged global citizens.

Our Achievements:

Participants at Amnuay Silpa have consistently achieved accolades in all levels of the award—Bronze, Silver, and Gold—reflecting their commitment to excellence. Their adventures have not only taken them across breathtaking landscapes but also built skills highly valued by universities and employers worldwide.

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Start your Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award journey with us at Amnuay Silpa. Embrace the challenge and become part of a community committed to excellence and leadership in all aspects of life.

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