Welcome from the Headteacher

It is a pleasure to welcome you and the children to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 2. It is an honour to be the Head teacher of the Foundation Phase, supporting the children as they take their foundational steps towards the mirror of possibilities. Whether you are new or continuing your journey with us, together we form a community nurturing our children to be our future leaders, thinkers and innovators.

It warms my heart watching the children grow from little seedlings to blossoming as creative and critically minded individuals. “Individual” being the keyword as each child is unique in their own right; capable of learning at their own pace and developing a growth mindset of openness and hunger for answers, challenges and collaboration with others.

Our younger children, Nursery, Reception and Year 1, will immerse themselves in the Montessori lessons, where the specialist teacher will lead their learning through self-directed activities, hands-on learning and collaborative play.

As a community, parents and staff, we work together for our children to grow and thrive.  I cannot wait to see what happens this year.

Teaching & Learning Staff

The Foundation Phase consists of a large intercultural team of dedicated and passionate staff who develop, coach and enhance the children through their global education and help celebrate their local traditions.  

We employ a committed team of staff who are determined to keep ANS the leading international standard bilingual school in Thailand.


Alignment of Thai and UK Curriculum Stages

Age appropriate challenges and experiences are given to the children throughout their learning journey, moving away from ‘learning through play’ and more towards independent and interdependent problem-solving applications and analysing of outcomes.

As the children’s journey continues, their holistic capabilities develop and widen. This journey enables the children the opportunity to find their own strengths and interests before moving on to the Primary Phase.

Pastoral Support

  • At ANS we are committed to supporting the positive mental health and wellbeing of our whole community including students, staff, parents and guardians.
  • Aside from our dedicated pastoral team (senior leaders, year leaders, and homeroom teachers) we also have two counsellors onsite to support student wellbeing through individual and group therapy sessions.
  • Our counsellors offer student and parent workshops and counsellings.
  • Our Engage and Enhance programme provides English language support within school hours to children requiring refined focus in English benefit from 1:1 or or small-grouped support with a specialist TEFL teachers. Similar provision is available to children requiring additional Thai language support.
  • Along with our SENCo, our specialist Learning Support Assistants provide additional tailored support to children who would benefit from Individual Educational Plans and support.
  • After-school tutorial (Year 1-2) provide after school booster lessons to students who show higher academic potential subject as well as students who need academic support further than Engage and Enhance programme.