Welcome from the Headteacher

I am privileged and proud to be the Secondary Phase Headteacher of a lively and dynamic, thinking-focused community. At Amnuay Silpa (ANS), we guide and support students on their journey to an international standard of academic excellence, providing them with opportunities to develop the skills needed for life in the 21st Century.

We believe that students need a range of ‘soft skills’ in order to succeed in the contemporary world. We are very proud of our Amnuay Silpa School Guiding Statements (vision, mission, values and dispositions) which are fully embedded across every element of school life from the curriculum, to our rewards structure, to our extracurricular programme.

We actively promote and reward our students for being proactive, curious, collaborative, communicative, committed and balanced together with our ANS values of being mindful, respectful, responsible and fair.

These skills and values underpin the culture of our unique ethos. We are a school where students are given opportunities to take on leadership responsibilities and make a difference in the community. We celebrate success and have the highest of expectations.

Teaching & Learning Staff

Students are supported by our highly qualified and knowledgeable teachers who care passionately about the continual academic and personal progress of our children.  We employ a committed team of staff who are determined to keep ANS the leading international standard bilingual school in Thailand.

Mark Charles Higgins

Head of Secondary


Alignment of Thai and UK Curriculum Stages

In addition to our fully bilingual programme where all students complete a combined UK/Thai curriculum, we offer an International  programme throughout the secondary phase, starting in Year 7 (Key Stage 3) where students complete mainly UK curriculum subjects.

All bilingual programme students complete the full Thai curriculum and also up to ten IGCSEs (usually around seven with two options). Students on the International programme focus on IGCSEs and complete up to twelve (usually around ten) with four options.

At Key Stage 5 students can select the bilingual programme and take two A levels and a full Thai Diploma or join the International programme and study four A levels.


Some other activities includes:

  • F1 in Schools: students design and make model racing car and compete in international F1 racing;
  • Ted Talk club that focuses on giving students a voice
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • Student Enterprise Club
  • Excellelate Programme in STEM subjects

Pastoral Support

  • At ANS we are committed to supporting the positive mental health and wellbeing of our whole community including students, staff, parents and guardians.
  • Aside from our dedicated pastoral team (senior leaders, year leaders, and homeroom teachers) we also have two counsellors onsite to support student wellbeing.
  • Our counsellors run individual and group therapy sessions, lead assemblies, student and parent workshops and offer advice to parents.