Joining ANS summer camps is a popular choice among students. Students enjoy activities which are independent of the school curriculum, more focused on individual interests, although academic support may be tailor made to cater for individual needs.

  • Foundation Phase : Students join play groups to familiarise themselves with teachers, friends and the school. This helps them in settling into the new year group.
  • Primary Phase : Students enjoy playing different sports, choose arts activities or receive academic support/tutorial to ensure that their individual requirements are met.
  • Secondary Phase : Exam preparation is available for students preparing for IGCSE and A level examinations. Others may join sport, music, art or opt for extra academic support/tutoring.

Admissions are open for receiving applications in February of each year.

Summer Camp will be divided into 2 sessions.

  • Summer Camp 1: taught by Thai teachers. (At the end of March, about 8 days)
  • Summer Camp 2: taught by Overseas teachers. (At the end of April, about 8 days)