Student Leadership and Charity Service

Student Leadership

One of the central mission statements at ANS is ‘We are Leaders.’ The world is constantly changing and the global opportunities that our students will enjoy will require them to apply a different set of skills.

Empowering students with the ability to become young adults who can ask and respond to difficult questions, manage conflict and resolution, both locally and on an international scale, show acceptance and understanding of an increasingly diverse population, along with a range of many other valuable attributes, will require strong leadership skills. It is these skills that are at the centre of our programme.

Our holistic programme focuses on the development of:

  • Communication Skills. This includes cooperation, problem-solving and listening skills. In addition, students learn how to deal with conflict situations.
  • Social Awareness Skills. Students learn how to consider other people’s opinions and show empathy.
  • Emotional Management Skills. The students learn how to manage stress and motivate themselves to work towards particular goals.
  • Self-Awareness Skills. Throughout the process of collaborating, students learn how to identify and express their own feelings.
  • Decision-Making Skills. When students work in a group, they have to make reasonable choices that everyone agrees with.

Students across the Phases have the opportunity to apply for and join Student Leadership Clubs empowering them to share their student voice and establishing changes for positive impact in the school:

  • School Council (Y1-13);
  • Eco Warriors (Y1-6), Eco Committee (Secondary);
  • Rights Respecting Explorers (Y1-6), Unicef Ambassadors (Secondary).

Additionally, students in the Secondary Phase are encouraged to apply their leadership skills through participation in the Peer Mentoring and Work Experience Programmes. The Year 12 project entitled ‘Leadership’ also provides the opportunity for students to work more independently in leading a project within a meaningful and purposeful context.

Head students

Amnuay Silpa has a House Captain and Vice Captain to represent each of the four houses. They have to go through a rigorous application and interview process and work with the leadership team to represent and improve the school. Our House Captains are role models with an excellent record of behaviour, attendance, punctuality and uniform and they are students who have demonstrated a commitment to Amnuay Silpa, as well as excellent organisational and communication skills.

Our House Captains are a positive role model for all students, leading the student body and being the student face of ANS. They present at various parent open mornings and provide leadership and direction to the Student Council to ensure that the student voice is represented in key decisions. An integral part of the House Captain role is to bring a sense of community to each house and develop strong positive relationships. House Captains regularly lead community building events and inter-house competitions to promote team spirit and a sense of belonging in the school.


At ANS, the students and teachers are committed to being responsible global citizens. One of the ways we positively engage with this commitment is through our whole school Charity Committee. This committee stretches across all phases of the school; from Nursery through to Year 13. This inclusivity encourages a sense of community within the school populace, as well as awareness to global issues. Connecting parents, teachers and students together through a shared goal.

Charity benefits in many ways; we can help make the world a better place for others while also improving ourselves. Involvement in charity increases awareness of social problems; increasing our knowledge of the world and encouraging empathy. Charity can inspire our students to change the world. As a school, we recognise the hugely positive impact education has on the lives of children and young people. 

Our Charity Committee works to raise funds and awareness for the school’s chosen local and global charity for that academic year.

In previous years we held several fundraising events including; non uniform day, a Halloween party, a talent show and a charity football match between students, parents and teachers. We also raised money by raffling a mountain bike. A substantial amount of money was raised and this was given to the United World Schools and SET charity. The SET charity helps children in Thailand to study at school and university level.

Last year Year 12 completed a Leadership Project. As part of their project, they fundraised money throughout the year by selling cakes every Monday during break time. The students also organised a charity concert. The money raised was donated towards the maintenance of Khuan Petch School and provided scholarships for ten of their students. ANS selected this school as they really benefited from the funding we raised and our volunteers visiting. Year 12 volunteered at this school, teaching students English through games.


The ANS Interact club brings our students in years 11-13 together to develop leadership skills and to discover the power of service above self. The projects carried out by the ANS Interact club are all based on supporting the community and helping those who are less fortunate. Recent projects have included supporting Operation Smile, where the team raised awareness and sold merchandise to raise much needed funds so that children throughout Thailand could receive the life changing cleft palate operations.

The Interact club 2022-23 have set up their own charity: Dream Catcher, in order to provide essential school supplies to children in rural areas throughout Thailand. The Interact club brings out entrepreneurial and creative skills in our students as they strive to come up with new ideas to raise funds.

As well as support from teachers and representatives in school, the Interact Club works closely with other Thai schools across Bangkok to build partnerships across the Bangkok community. The Bangkok rotary members offer support and advice for our students as they guide them through managing finances, organising projects and carrying out activities across the community.