Results & Achievement


As the top performing international standard bilingual school in Thailand, we pride ourselves on our impressive record of students achieving academic excellence.


The following figure compares this Examinations Series results with the last four academic years.

The A*-C percentage is well above the UK average of 73% and the worldwide Cambridge Average for the exams taken, of 80%.

Below are ANS iGCSE results compared to the  GCSE Grades in the UK, these have been made available on the website. We see here that ANS compared favourably. 

A (Advanced)  Levels

The following table compares this Examinations Series AS level results with the last four academic years.

The teacher assessed (pandemic) years in the red columns.

100% of ANS students entered for A Levels in 2022 passed and over 90% achieved A*C


The bar charts display the latest O-Net scores of students in Years 7, 10, and 13. It is important to note that due to the pandemic, these tests were once again optional in 2022.

Despite the additional workload of iGCSE and A Level exams in the UK curriculum, ANS consistently demonstrates superior performance compared to schools of all types nationwide.


ANS Overall IELTS Scores Last 5 Years

Cambridge Learner Awards

Following the pandemic, Cambridge Learner awards for Top in Thailand, High Achievement and Top in the World have returned.

Once again ANS students have proven they can outperform students both domestically and internationally to achieve the following awards for IGCSE and A Levels.


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